Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This beautiful fingerprint pendant has a very special story behind it that we would like to share with everyone. Here's part of a letter we received after our customer received her pendant.

"It was a few years ago, upon the death of a dear friends father that I learned of the process where the funeral director takes a mold of the deceased loved ones thumb print and sends it away to be transferred onto a 14k gold pendant, allowing the survivor to keep their loved one "still with them", and close at heart. This idea was so precious to me. But I thought it would be even more precious to capture the prints while the loved one was still living!"

"Being an only child and extremely close with both of my parents, who have been married for 56 years, I decided I wanted a 14k gold heart to wear around my neck bearing my mothers ring finger print in one lobe of the heart with my fathers ring finger print in the other lobe, and overlapping my print at the base of the heart. I feel blessed that my parents are still alive and wanted to have this pendant made with their wedding ring fingerprints now as opposed to waiting until their death!"

"So, I began to look into it on the internet. Many sites had similar pieces available, but they were not quality metals and were more of a "craft" project. Then I found Imprint On My Heart! Right from the first time I contacted the company, Gary spoke directly with me and spent some time explaining their products and the process to produce such pieces. He showed his true interest in helping me to achieve the end product that I desired. We spoke directly a couple times a week and emailed back and forth often, in order to be sure that the exact product of my desire was being manufactured. Christopher, also was more than accommodating to answer my questions and respond to my several requests regarding the perfect piece."
" I can't begin to tell you enough how helpful everyone at "Imprint On My Heart" was and how they went above and beyond to make me happy. When I received my finished piece in the mail.......I was absolutely in love with it and totally thrilled! I now consider this to be one of my most cherished possessions. "

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