Friday, October 2, 2015

FREE Chain with Purchase in October!

FREE Chain with Purchase in October!!

FREE chain with purchase in October!!  All pendants come with a free 18" sterling silver 1.7mm cable chain.  This chain has links at 16" and 17" to shorten.  NO coupon required.  Just place your order online or by phone!  


18" sterling silver cable chain

Sterling silver 18" 1.7mm cable chain

Thursday, October 1, 2015

3 Easy Ways To Get That Perfect Fingerprint

3 Easy Way To Get That Perfect Fingerprint

For some people, their fingerprints are really defined.  They have an easy time taking a fingerprint with anything!  Then there are the rest of us whose fingerprints just isn't as sharp or has the deep ridges.  Here are 3 easy ways to get a perfect print.

1) Use a pencil.  Take the pencil and blacken your fingertip as much as possible. Press onto a flat piece of Scotch tape to remove the graphite fingerprint.  Tape the fingerprint onto white paper.

2) Use eye shadow.  A method very similar to pencil graphite is eye shadow. Choose a dark eye shadow and brush over the fingertip.  Use Scotch tape to capture the print and tape to white paper.

3) Use foundation makeup.  Even though this may not be a dark color, it can take great prints.  Just rub the foundation onto the fingerprint and then press on white paper.  We can easily make the prints darker.  

You can also call and order an ink strip kit.  You can scan and upload your fingerprints to our Hightail account.

If you have any questions on take a fingerprint, baby footprint or paw print, please contact us at 888-515-8324

Imprint On My Heart

Personalized Fine Jewelry

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Custom Fingerprint Beads

Custom Fingerprint Beads

Looking for a new bead to add to your Pandora bracelet?  Do we have a unique option for you!  

Our custom designed fingerprint beads can be made with a fingerprint on one or both sides.  You can add engraving or a name to the bead.

These beads are perfect for any Pandora-style beaded bracelet.  And it is one that NO ONE else will have!  A personalized bead with the fingerprint of the ones you love!

Come see all our custom fingerprint jewelry designs at Or give us a call at 888-515-8324 to discuss creating your personalized keepsake treasure!  It's never too early to think about Christmas gifts!!  She won't have a bead like this one!!

Pandora-type fingerprint bead in sterling silver

Pandora-Style Fingerprint Bead in Sterling Silver

Monday, September 28, 2015



Designing bangles can be a ton of fun.  Think about all the geometric designs you can add to a bangle.  You can have a full circle bangle or a cuff.  And with the cuff, you can add something different to either side.  

Here at Imprint On My Heart we custom design each piece.  So if you are looking for a unique personalized bangle, you have come to the place to get it done!

Here are some examples of bangles with fingerprints, diamonds, sapphires, and a cabochon.

Diamond Bezel Fingerprint Bangle Bracelet

Bangle Bracelet with Fingerprints and Sapphire Bezel

Fingerprint and Cabochon Bangle Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold

Contact us today to start your custom designed personalized bangle bracelet.  Create with fingerprints, handprints, baby footprints, paw prints, gemstones, diamonds, cabochons and more!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Thinking Ahead to Christmas

Thinking Ahead to Christmas

With so many things to do for the Christmas holiday season, thinking of all the choices for gifts - we have a few ideas to think about.  Here are some of our most popular custom fingerprint and handwriting jewelry designs.  Our customers love the quality and selection.  Each piece is custom made with a fingerprint impression, engraving or handwriting.  The quality is unmatched.

Contact us today to start the design process for your special Christmas gift!

Our 14k Yellow Gold Large Heart Slider with Fingerprint Impression 

Sterling Silver Large Dog Tag with Baby Footprint

Sterling Silver Large Dog Tag with Child's Handwriting
Sterling Silver Large Dog Tag with Child's Handwriting

14k Yellow Gold Large Circle with Child's Handwriting

Petite Square in Sterling Silver with Fingerprint on Front
Sterling Silver Petite Square with Fingerprint



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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pet Paws

Pet Paws

We love our dogs.  We love our cats.  We love our birds, turtles, ferrets and hamsters. 

People love their pets!!!

Choose one pet and then make a choice on the pet paw keepsake design that fits your style.

Here are some sterling silver dog paw pieces. 

Relief of dog paw with garnet.

Sterling Silver Pet Paw Relief with Garnet

I love this one because you can feel the raised pads.

Here is an impression with garnet.

Then we can create any design of jewelry that fits your style. 

Here is a beautiful sterling silver heart charm with the pet impression as the center focus and the heart has a bezel of rubies.  How beautiful!

Contact us today for a Pet Brochure with all our beautiful designs and possibilities!!