Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rose gold jewelry is getting more and more popular! 
Rose gold jewelry is getting more and more popular! From watches to necklaces to earrings and even engagement rings, rose gold is becoming more fashionable. So what is rose gold? Rose gold is made from mixing pure gold with other metals such as copper and zinc. The karat amount of gold is equivalent to how much purity of gold is used. 14K rose gold typically contains 58% of pure gold. The darker the rose color, the more copper is mixed in. Some say rose gold is what gold looks like when it’s blushing. To us, rose gold is romantic and innocent and goes perfectly with an engagement/love story. Why is rose gold becoming more popular? It’s revival could be attributed to fine jewelers like Piaget and Van Clef & Arpels who are showing more rose gold designs. And, rose gold, due to it’s mixture of pure gold with copper, makes it more affordable. All of the pieces we offer at Imprint On My Heart can be made in rose gold.  So visit our website at to find a personalized rosy piece you'll love to wear! These photos are some of our favorite items including some that are custom designs.

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