Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stories of Children's Art

Stories of Children's Art

You hear your child say "Mom wear that" and it is their precious little cardboard heart they made in class.  The beads are glued on with a glue stick. And you want to frame it instead of wearing it!

When you want to convert that creation by your six year old into something to wear, the papier-mâché piece just won't work either.  But how many times have you seen them write their name for Dad with a little heart or flower telling them how much they are loved.  How many times have you seen them write "I Love Mom" on your Day Timer or scribbled a drawing of themselves to remind you they are thinking of you.

At Imprint On My Heart, we take those little sentiments and create stunning pieces of jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime.  These are the memorable pieces that you will be able to wear and cherish for years.

From ideas of your what you would like to wear, we take the handwriting and drawings and convert that into a jewelry design.  Each piece is custom made, so if you want to add a birthstone or diamond in a specific spot, we can add that to your design.

Above is a set of cuff links for a dad who has the handwritten names of his children along with their drawings and birthstones.  What a gift for Father's Day or Christmas!

Below is a stunning gift for Mom with a circle diamond studded medallion with a handwritten love note from the daughter.  These are the pieces you will want to wear every day and never take off.

Imprint On My Heart is a division of Richards and West.  We are a full-service jewelry manufacturer, retail site, online retailer and service center.  We manufacture everything from wedding rings to custom iPhone cases.  

Imprint On My Heart specializes in fine personalized jewelry.  We offer fingerprint and thumbprint keepsakes along with baby hand and footprint keepsakes.  Handwriting is just one more way that we add personalization to your jewelry design.

We have so many new designs we are offering in our new catalog from new fingerprint signet rings, bangle bracelets and more.  

Contact us today to receive our new catalog or discuss a gift for Christmas that will be cherished forever!!



Thursday, August 6, 2015

Industry News Merger Announcement for Richards and West and Imprint On My Heart

Richards and West, Inc. Merges with Imprint On My Heart and Memory In My Heart

Richards and West Inc., a fine jewelry designer, manufacturer and retailer in East Rochester, New York, announced in a news release a definitive merger agreement to increase its keepsake and memorial jewelry product line.

"The merger with Imprint On My Heart and Memory In My Heart, based in Carmel, California, extends and reinforces our portfolio in the keepsake and memorial jewelry market," said John R. Keim, President of Richards and West Inc. "This unique opportunity will make Richards and West the leader of wholesale and retail custom keepsake and memorial jewelry nationally. The integration of the companies is in line with our long-term strategic goals and it is far and away the best opportunity for Richards and West to enhance their brand portfolio in a high growth market."

About Richards and West Inc.
Richards and West Inc. is a family owned and operated fine jewelry design, manufacturing and retail company located in East Rochester, New York. The company was started by John Richard Keim. Keim began his career as a master jeweler as a teenager establishing his reputation for his skill and talent creating a line of men's and women's jewelry then introducing the line at The Jeweler of America Trade Show in New York City in 1983. In 1985 Keim won the prestigious DeBeers, Diamonds Today Award, considered to be a prestigious and honorable award for excellence in jewelry design and craftsmanship. Richards and& West is proud to be an American made fine jewelry company with all products created entirely in their 15,000 square foot facility in East Rochester, New York. Learn more at the company's website.

Precious Vessel, the company's keepsake and memorial fine jewelry collection, was introduced in 2014 to provide funeral professionals with a very personalized way to meet their needs for a high-quality and enhanced offering that would capitalize on the rising trend in cremations and meet the needs of families wanting to memorialize a loved one. The collection has expanded to include keepsake fine along with a line of pet memorial jewelry. Learn more at the company's website.

About Imprint On My Heart and Memory In My Heart
Imprint On My Heart is a custom jewelry design and manufacturing company, formerly located in Carmel, California. In 2005, the company was started as an entrepreneurial venture of Kathryn Albers, creating the luxury personalized fingerprint jewelry market. Imprint On My Heart creates heirloom quality pieces in sterling, 14k and 18k gold and platinum. Using the thumbprints, baby footprints and pet paw prints, unique and original designs were created into pendants, lockets, charms, earrings, rings, cuff links, dog tags and more. The business expanded into the engagement and wedding ring market creating fingerprint rings and bands studded with diamonds.

With the death of her grandfather, Kathryn Albers sought to preserve his unique handwriting in a tangible form. With requests from families and funeral homes, Memory In My Heart was created to provide lasting memories to those who lost their loved ones by creating fingerprint cremation ash pendants and memorial lockets. Special lines were designed for memorializing the loss of a child and the loss of the family pet. Memory In My Heart became the foremost design company for luxury memorials. Learn more at the company's website.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sneak peek of our new catalog and new products!!

Sneak Peek!

Imprint On My Heart's New Catalog and New Products!

Imprint On My Heart Personalized Fine Fingerprint Jewlery

Imprint On My Heart Fingerprint Jewelry Bracelets

Fingerprint Jewelry Designs by Imprint On My Heart

Cat and Dog Paw and Nose Print Jewelry and Keepsakes

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