Monday, October 19, 2015

New Catalog & Brochures

New Catalog & Brochures

We have been creating so many new designs that we had to hurry up and get our catalog out for you to see!  We have exactly what you are looking for!!

Our personalized fine fingerprint jewelry and pet keepsakes are custom designed and hand made in our East Rochester shop by master jewelers.  

Imprint On My Heart Children's Keepsake Jewelry Brochure        Imprint On My Heart Fine Personalized Jewelry Catalog        Imprint On My Heart Pet Keepsake Brochure

Choose one of our exclusive designs or modify it to make a truly unique keepsake.

All of our designs can be made with a fingerprint, thumbprint, hand or footprint or choose your pet's paw or nose print.  Our designs are available in sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold.  We use the finest quality gemstones and diamonds. Personalize your piece with an engraved message or the handwriting of the one you love.  

NO ONE has the selection that we offer!!

Contact us today to see what we can design for you!!

Imprint On My Heart


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Your Holiday Statement Piece

Holiday Statement Piece

Getting ready for the holidays?  Well, it is a little early.  But with all the fashion and ornaments and designs we've seen, it is never to early to think about gifts and gift giving.

Here is a gift you can give yourself!  ......or give a hint to that special someone that this is the gift for YOU!!!

Sterling Silver Round Pendant with Fingerprint and Diamond Bezel

Our Sterling Silver Round Fingerprint Sliding Pendant with Diamond Bezel

This is a perfect statement piece to wear this holiday season.  Put the fingerprint of your loved one on the front.  Add an engraved message or handwriting to the back.

This fingerprint pendant is available in sterling and gold.  Create with a diamond bezel or customize with birthstones or gemstones of your choice.  We offer the finest quality personalized jewelry on the market.  

Contact us today to have your piece ready to wear this holiday season!!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fingerprint Wedding Rings and Bands

Fingerprint Wedding Rings and Bands

Looking for a unique wedding ring or men's band?  Our fingerprint rings and bands are a perfect solution to your quest.  

All our fine fingerprint rings are custom designed.  Create a ring with one or more fingerprints.  Add diamonds or birthstones of your choice.  Engrave a special message or date on the inside.  Or add a handwritten love note or signature to make your ring even more cherished.

14k Yellow Gold Partial Fingerprint Band
Sterling Fingerprint Wedding Band with Diamond

14k Gold Fingerprint Band with Diamonds

Have a design idea that you don't see?  Contact us and let us create a rendering of your ring.  We work with your ideas and specifications to create that perfect piece.

14k Gold Fingerprint Band with Diamonds

Our rings are available in sterling, 14k and 18k gold and a combination of sterling and gold.  Have a stone already that you want to set?  We can do that too.

Contact us today with your design ideas and make that ring a unique part of your wedding.


Send us an email with your questions.  We are available to help you navigate the process of creating a fine jewelry keepsake.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Gifts for Men!

Gifts for Men!

Looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life?  We have been designing new lines that will meet and exceed your expectations!  

Our key fobs and tie tacks can be created with a fingerprint, thumbprint or your baby's hand or footprint on the front.  Add an engraved message on the back or put a love note in your own handwriting.

Sterling Silver Fingerprint Football Key Fob

14k Gold Ship Porthole Key Fob with Fingerprint

Sterling Silver Fingerprint Tag Key Fob

Each piece is custom made and designed to your specifications.  He will love his new piece that is personal and practical.  He will cherish keeping his loved ones close to him every day!

Fingerprint Tie Tack Sterling Silver Square

Contact us today to start the perfect gift for the man in your life!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Custom Gold Personal

Custom Gold Personal

The three words you want to hear when you are creating a jewelry piece that will be cherished forever - custom, gold and personal.  


A custom piece is made especially for the one who will be wearing it.  It can be a design you have been wanting or a modification to one that is already offered. Custom means you can add your own engraved message.  You can add your handwriting.  Or even add a handwritten love note from someone special. Custom means you can add a birthstone or maybe the stone of your favorite color. Custom means you can add a square stone instead of a round one. Custom means it is made for you!

Gold Oval and Teardrop Fingerprint Pendant
Gold is a precious metal.  Gold is sturdy and solid.  Gold is valuable and can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.  Gold is beautiful.  Gold will last a lifetime and for generations after.  Gold comes in all different colors - yellow, rose, white and green.  There is 14k and 18k gold to choose.  Gold is a great choice.
Custom Gold Fingerprint and Handwriting Personalized Pendant

We all want something personal.  It holds a special meaning when we receive a personal note instead of a mass produced one.  It was made for us.  It was detailed with us in mind.  It has a special purpose and meaning to us.  With jewelry, personal holds meaning and memory.  Just like a wedding ring is personal, our other jewelry pieces can be personal too.  From a family fingerprint, our baby's footprint or a handwritten love note from our spouse, personal is special.

14k Yellow Gold Baby Footprint Heart Slider with Sapphire

14k Yellow Gold Circle Signet Ring with Fingerprint

14k Yellow Gold Heart Key with Fingerprint

At Imprint On My Heart, we offer the finest quality custom fine jewelry.  We can create a fingerprint or thumbprint keepsake from one of our own designs or make modifications to the design to make it your own custom piece.  We offer all of our keepsakes in sterling silver and gold.  Many of our pieces are available in platinum.  And our pieces are personal.  A jewelry gift from Imprint On My Heart will be that cherished piece that will have a special meaning and memories forever!

Contact us today to start your custom personalized keepsake!


Friday, October 2, 2015

FREE Chain with Purchase in October!

FREE Chain with Purchase in October!!

FREE chain with purchase in October!!  All pendants come with a free 18" sterling silver 1.7mm cable chain.  This chain has links at 16" and 17" to shorten.  NO coupon required.  Just place your order online or by phone!  


18" sterling silver cable chain

Sterling silver 18" 1.7mm cable chain

Thursday, October 1, 2015

3 Easy Ways To Get That Perfect Fingerprint

3 Easy Way To Get That Perfect Fingerprint

For some people, their fingerprints are really defined.  They have an easy time taking a fingerprint with anything!  Then there are the rest of us whose fingerprints just isn't as sharp or has the deep ridges.  Here are 3 easy ways to get a perfect print.

1) Use a pencil.  Take the pencil and blacken your fingertip as much as possible. Press onto a flat piece of Scotch tape to remove the graphite fingerprint.  Tape the fingerprint onto white paper.

2) Use eye shadow.  A method very similar to pencil graphite is eye shadow. Choose a dark eye shadow and brush over the fingertip.  Use Scotch tape to capture the print and tape to white paper.

3) Use foundation makeup.  Even though this may not be a dark color, it can take great prints.  Just rub the foundation onto the fingerprint and then press on white paper.  We can easily make the prints darker.  

You can also call and order an ink strip kit.  You can scan and upload your fingerprints to our Hightail account.

If you have any questions on take a fingerprint, baby footprint or paw print, please contact us at 888-515-8324

Imprint On My Heart

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