Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall 2014 Designs

Creating new designs for Fall 2014.  We have had many requests for new locket designs.  We will be presenting these in November.  Other designs include our new diamond bezel keys, baby footprint keepsakes and color!

Large Circle with Red Resin Bezel

We have been on a quest for color.  We have created a new line with a color resin bezel.

14k Gold Diamond Bezel Fingerprint Key

Key pendant jewelry is very popular.  We created a key with the fingerprint as the focal point and added a diamond bezel for that added sparkle. #PersonalizedJewelry
Fingerprint Moon with Gold Owl on Branch
Adding to our Nature Collection, this 14k yellow gold owl sits on a 14k rose gold branch in front of a 14k white gold moon with fingerprint.  For those who have their favorite design, we can add the fingerprint to make it one of your most precious keepsakes to wear.
Christmas Tree with Fingerprint
And for the Christmas holiday season, we created a Christmas tree with a fingerprint center.  Add a birthstone to the star to make it even more unique.

14k Gold Diamond Bezel Heart Key with Fingerprint
 Along with our circle key, we created a heart shaped key with fingerprint and diamond bezel.
Fingerprint Oval with Karate Belt
For those into karate, tae kwon do, tang soo do and other forms of martial arts, we created a keepsake oval with karate belt.  
Baby Footprint Dog Tag with Name and Birth Date
Our ever popular dog tag with inscription is a wonderful keepsake reminder of that very special day.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Fall & Halloween Designs

We had so much fun creating new designs for Fall and Halloween.  For some of us here, Fall is our most favorite time of year!  Check our our new designs from a pumpkin to Halloween cat, ghost witch's hat and more!  See our new designs at

Fall pumpkin jewelry slider

Custom Halloween witch's hat pendant
Fingerprint cat pendant with gemstone eyes

Halloween ghost pendant with gemstone eyes

Halloween cat pendant with gemstone eyes

Fingerprint witch's broom pendant