Monday, March 18, 2013

Love Notes Signature Collection Personalized Handwriting Jewelry

Imprint On My Heart offers the finest quality fingerprint jewelry.  We created the process of putting the actual handwriting, signature, love note or drawing on a piece of our jewelry back in 2006.  Our Love Notes Signature Collection was born in 2007.  Our handwriting jewelry is personalized with the loved ones handwritten note, their own signature or a child's drawing.  Each piece is custom crafted with the finest materials for the most personalized keepsake.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Colors of Acrylic Fingerprint Jewelry

Spring colors are here!  Raindrop blue, wisteria, cherry blossom pink and kiwi green.  Transparent acrylic makes great fingerprint jewelry that is lightweight and colorful.
Custom Fine Fingerprint Jewelry

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Imprint On My Heart Fine Fingerprint Jewelry and More

Imprint On My Heart Fine Fingerprint Jewelry - and that doesn't say it all.  We offering all our jewelry with thumbprints, baby hand prints, baby footprints, and even your pet nose or paw print.  And don't forget our Love Notes Signature Collection® where we can add the handwriting, signature, love note or drawing to your fingerprint jewelry keepsake.

The nose prints are an exact relief of your pet's nose impression.
Dog Nose Relief in Sterling Silver

 Baby Footprint on a Medium 14k Yellow Gold Heart
 Baby Handprint on Small 14k Yellow Gold Dog Tag
 Fine Fingerprint Jewelry 
Our Large Heart Slider in Sterling Silver with London Blue Topaz

Friday, March 8, 2013

We have received great feedback on our sports fingerprint jewelry line.  The most popular has been the baseball!!  Football is not far behind.  We are working on fingerprint jewelry designs for karate, hockey, bicycling and more!  All our fingerprint and thumbprint jewelry is custom made.  An inscription along with handwriting with our Love Notes Signature Collection® is included.  Contact us for details. or 888-515-8324


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Imprint On My Heart started creating fingerprint jewelry in 2005!  We have created so many precious keepsakes for our customers.  We started our Love Notes Signature Collection® in 2007.  Our very first customer was the drawing of a girl dying from a brain tumor.  The Love Note she wrote to her mother was so special.  We created a special process to transfer the drawing onto metal and our Love Notes Signature Collection® was born.

Since then, many of our customers who do not have fingerprints create a piece with just the drawing or handwritten note.  These are created from cards, signature on documents, drawings and just about any media.  There are truly special pieces because they are the exact replica of the handwriting or drawing.

Our Love Notes Signature Collection® can be created with any design.  We often put the handwriting on the back of our custom fingerprint pendants and charms.  The fingerprint jewelry can have either an inscription, a Love Note addition or both.  All our fingerprint jewelry is custom made.

Imprint On My Heart offers the finest quality fingerprint jewelry in solid-cast sterling silver, 14k and 18k yellow, white, rose and green gold.  Many of our designs are offered in platinum.  Our fingerprint charms and fingerprint pendants can be made in many designs.  Our lockets can be created with a fingerprint, thumbprint, hand print or footprint.  We can encase a photo or hair inside the locket with resin for safe keeping.

Contact us to create a unique keepsake that will be a special memory for your family.