Thursday, October 8, 2015

Custom Gold Personal

Custom Gold Personal

The three words you want to hear when you are creating a jewelry piece that will be cherished forever - custom, gold and personal.  


A custom piece is made especially for the one who will be wearing it.  It can be a design you have been wanting or a modification to one that is already offered. Custom means you can add your own engraved message.  You can add your handwriting.  Or even add a handwritten love note from someone special. Custom means you can add a birthstone or maybe the stone of your favorite color. Custom means you can add a square stone instead of a round one. Custom means it is made for you!

Gold Oval and Teardrop Fingerprint Pendant
Gold is a precious metal.  Gold is sturdy and solid.  Gold is valuable and can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.  Gold is beautiful.  Gold will last a lifetime and for generations after.  Gold comes in all different colors - yellow, rose, white and green.  There is 14k and 18k gold to choose.  Gold is a great choice.
Custom Gold Fingerprint and Handwriting Personalized Pendant

We all want something personal.  It holds a special meaning when we receive a personal note instead of a mass produced one.  It was made for us.  It was detailed with us in mind.  It has a special purpose and meaning to us.  With jewelry, personal holds meaning and memory.  Just like a wedding ring is personal, our other jewelry pieces can be personal too.  From a family fingerprint, our baby's footprint or a handwritten love note from our spouse, personal is special.

14k Yellow Gold Baby Footprint Heart Slider with Sapphire

14k Yellow Gold Circle Signet Ring with Fingerprint

14k Yellow Gold Heart Key with Fingerprint

At Imprint On My Heart, we offer the finest quality custom fine jewelry.  We can create a fingerprint or thumbprint keepsake from one of our own designs or make modifications to the design to make it your own custom piece.  We offer all of our keepsakes in sterling silver and gold.  Many of our pieces are available in platinum.  And our pieces are personal.  A jewelry gift from Imprint On My Heart will be that cherished piece that will have a special meaning and memories forever!

Contact us today to start your custom personalized keepsake!


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