Thursday, October 1, 2015

3 Easy Ways To Get That Perfect Fingerprint

3 Easy Way To Get That Perfect Fingerprint

For some people, their fingerprints are really defined.  They have an easy time taking a fingerprint with anything!  Then there are the rest of us whose fingerprints just isn't as sharp or has the deep ridges.  Here are 3 easy ways to get a perfect print.

1) Use a pencil.  Take the pencil and blacken your fingertip as much as possible. Press onto a flat piece of Scotch tape to remove the graphite fingerprint.  Tape the fingerprint onto white paper.

2) Use eye shadow.  A method very similar to pencil graphite is eye shadow. Choose a dark eye shadow and brush over the fingertip.  Use Scotch tape to capture the print and tape to white paper.

3) Use foundation makeup.  Even though this may not be a dark color, it can take great prints.  Just rub the foundation onto the fingerprint and then press on white paper.  We can easily make the prints darker.  

You can also call and order an ink strip kit.  You can scan and upload your fingerprints to our Hightail account.

If you have any questions on take a fingerprint, baby footprint or paw print, please contact us at 888-515-8324

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