Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pet Paws

Pet Paws

We love our dogs.  We love our cats.  We love our birds, turtles, ferrets and hamsters. 

People love their pets!!!

Choose one pet and then make a choice on the pet paw keepsake design that fits your style.

Here are some sterling silver dog paw pieces. 

Relief of dog paw with garnet.

Sterling Silver Pet Paw Relief with Garnet

I love this one because you can feel the raised pads.

Here is an impression with garnet.


Then we can create any design of jewelry that fits your style. 

Here is a beautiful sterling silver heart charm with the pet impression as the center focus and the heart has a bezel of rubies.  How beautiful!


Contact us today for a Pet Brochure with all our beautiful designs and possibilities!!



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