Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stories of Children's Art

Stories of Children's Art

You hear your child say "Mom wear that" and it is their precious little cardboard heart they made in class.  The beads are glued on with a glue stick. And you want to frame it instead of wearing it!

When you want to convert that creation by your six year old into something to wear, the papier-mâché piece just won't work either.  But how many times have you seen them write their name for Dad with a little heart or flower telling them how much they are loved.  How many times have you seen them write "I Love Mom" on your Day Timer or scribbled a drawing of themselves to remind you they are thinking of you.

At Imprint On My Heart, we take those little sentiments and create stunning pieces of jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime.  These are the memorable pieces that you will be able to wear and cherish for years.

From ideas of your what you would like to wear, we take the handwriting and drawings and convert that into a jewelry design.  Each piece is custom made, so if you want to add a birthstone or diamond in a specific spot, we can add that to your design.

Above is a set of cuff links for a dad who has the handwritten names of his children along with their drawings and birthstones.  What a gift for Father's Day or Christmas!

Below is a stunning gift for Mom with a circle diamond studded medallion with a handwritten love note from the daughter.  These are the pieces you will want to wear every day and never take off.

Imprint On My Heart is a division of Richards and West.  We are a full-service jewelry manufacturer, retail site, online retailer and service center.  We manufacture everything from wedding rings to custom iPhone cases.  

Imprint On My Heart specializes in fine personalized jewelry.  We offer fingerprint and thumbprint keepsakes along with baby hand and footprint keepsakes.  Handwriting is just one more way that we add personalization to your jewelry design.

We have so many new designs we are offering in our new catalog from new fingerprint signet rings, bangle bracelets and more.  

Contact us today to receive our new catalog or discuss a gift for Christmas that will be cherished forever!!



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