Monday, December 29, 2014



Lockets are some of the most popular designs we create for our customers.  Our custom designed lockets allow our customers to make a keepsake that is unique and will be cherished for generations.  

Lockets create a very personal jewelry pendant that can hide a photo or lock of hair on the inside.  Each piece has the details that make it special for the one who will wear it.  Many add an inscription to the back or can hide a message on the inside in their own handwriting.  Diamond or birthstones can be added to mark a birth date or add that extra touch.

The quality of our lockets are superior and will be passed down for generations.  Each one is a personal heirloom that will be a gift never forgotten.

Sterling Silver Medium Circle Fingerprint Locket with Blue Sapphire Bezel

Sterling Silver Large Oval Locket with Fingerprint

14k Yellow Gold Fingerprint Locket with Diamond Bezel

Sterling Silver Baby Footprints Oval Locket

Sterling Silver Large Heart Locket with Baby Footprints and Pink Tourmaline
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